Real Animal Names

According To Hoyt

Okay, so I need to send this book in today.  And I mean, NEED to, and I am still recovering from con crud from h*ll and had some worrying news from my parents.

Which means, I really am not functioning very well.

I know that there is such a thing as “It came from Imgur” but seriously, this one is cute.  On Friday we had dinner with the Greens, and Steve infected us with these “real animal names” including doing the the National Geographic voice on the narration for the Majestic Sea Flap Flap.

The full thing is here, but I’m going to put some of my favorites below, then add a couple Robert and I thought of.

bjnpus9uu1dcwxsasmwiegrixekmThis page has more.

My favorite is:


And now for Robert’s and my creations:

On a recent trip to the zoo we watched secretary birds trying to scare/kill an emu and decided…

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